2018 Jeep Compass Black Night Edition India Launch Before Diwali

Jeep has found its treading in the Indian Marketplace. With the introduction of new SUV variants, they have been able to sell Jeep Compass of more than 25,000 units since 2017 launch. The sales growth of the SUV has shown a promising future for the company in India. Now, the growth is backed by the ability and desire of Indians to own an off-road vehicle that has a sturdy yet stylish look. Moreover, the car can impart a comfortable drive with good fuel economy. The American automaker targets enhancing their stand in the Indian market. The aim coincides mainly with the premium consumer segment. Hence, they seek to launch new variants in the coming time.

But this time, Jeep is blending with the Indian culture. Jeep is all set to put the edition on roads this Diwali. It is perceived as a sales gimmick to boost sales. But, Jeep feels that this limited Compass edition will delight the consumers. Car experts around the globe feel that it will be pretty much similar to the Brazil market edition. The night eagle is appealing to the customers over there. Furthermore, the latest edition will have limited availability.

Expected Prime Features of Jeep Compass: Black Night Edition

Jeep has been able to foresee the needs of the premium end customers. They figured it out that the premium end customers are in requirements of a much better, trimmed and enhanced version of the present SUV Jeep Compass. The vehicle achieves a sporty look in parallel with the aesthetic appeal of exteriors and interiors.

  • The black night edition comes in two colors. One is the Metallic black. The other is Shadow grey-black. The car bears optimized 18″ alloy wheels that impart a glossy finish in black. Moreover, the outside reflecting mirrors also have a shiny black gloss.
  • Jeep tried to maintain the same template cabin on the inside. But, it has replaced the dual-tone-off white with the classy black theme. Experts believe that the black theme will indeed propagate the sense of stature. Moreover, the steering wheel, instrument cluster, center console, and the door pads are made black.
  • The limited edition has technical specifications same as the standard SUVs. A 2.0 liter, four-cylinder, multi-jet diesel engine powers Jeep Compass. The six-speed manual transmission delivers a power of 173bhp. It will also provide 350 Nm peak torque.
  • The black night edition is equipped with a sunroof. A better infotainment control system is placed to allow the customers to enjoy the ride.

Thus, the new Compass is worth the money spent on it. These features make this vehicle winnable. In addition to the features, the strategic placement of black night edition can boost sales during Diwali.

What’s in the pipeline?

Well, it is just the beginning for Jeep. The American manufacturer is having the Trailhawk 4×4 edition ready for India. Trailhawk edition comes with a nine-speed automatic gear transmission into the international markets. However, it is foggy to state if India will get the exact same features. Now, this most probably will be revealed at the auto expo before the launch which is scheduled for next year.