All About Mercedes Benz A-Class – Design, Specifications, Engine, And Tech Rundown!

The latest Mercedes Benz A-Class 2018 boasts high levels of luxury and advanced tech that has surely left people in pleasant surprise. So here, let us explore everything that you need to know about this amazing car’s power, specs, design performance, interiors, and much more!

A-Class Interiors

Mercedes Benz car are an epitome of luxury and class and this latest A-class doesn’t disappoint in any way! The cabin of A-class has taken inspiration from larger S-class and E-class in both its details as well as functions.

The dashboard comes with a wider flat panel display and is home to TFT displays pair, one of 10.25 inch and other of 7 inch. It is integrated in much better way having no conventional instrument cowl.

Suspension and chassis

A-class is much alike its predecessor. While all the cars boast MacPherson struts in the up front, the rear suspension will depend on specification. The basic models that include A180d and A200 feature simpler swing arm as well as torsion bar setup that are specially chosen for light weight, simplicity, and better packaging.

The overall structure of A-class is more rigid and stronger with above 60% of high strength steel. However, Mercedes claims no increase in weight for body-in-white. The changes in rigidity have also brought about great enhancements in refinement. The active bonnet even improves safety for the pedestrians along with the occupants’.

Exterior design

The exterior styling is much less cluttered as well as punctuated with sharp details. It is even more aerodynamically efficient as well. The small aero elements around wheels even help in reducing the turbulence while the louvre system behind grille contributes in reducing drag. The aero changes help in economy, performance, as well as in cabin refinement.

The head and tail lights are much slimmer than before. The grilles are larger that gives the car more poised appearances together with the larger wheel arches and longer wheelbase.

Safety upgrades

The new A-Class comes with Adaptive Brake that is something until now was just limited to brand’s more luxurious and expensive models. There is even brake hold function for the traffic and hills queues. Different emergency braking functions too are included like Attention Assist that warns the driver in case they are getting drowsy or distracted.

Overall, the new A-Class is packed with many awesome technologies. You will get to know much more about it in a real sense by taking its test drive!