Ford F-150: What to Look For in a Hard-Working Truck

When you work in manual labour, it’s important to have the best tools possible to help make your job easier. The work you’re doing is hard, and you need tools to match.

Whether you work as a contractor, landscaper, handyman or something else, you need equipment that is designed to see the job through. Manual labour is exhausting, and every tool that works alongside you is vital. The Ford F-150 is an iconic truck because no matter what you need it for, it delivers.

Here are a few of the amazing features of the F-150 that get workers through the day.


While you’ll see the F-150 all over downtown roads, it’s a beast on the work site. In fact, the 2019 F-150 is available with a choice of six different engines, so you can get whichever suits the job best.  The point is not to simply get the biggest engine, but to opt for the one most suited to the nature of the work. Ford engines been redesigned to deliver robust torque and horsepower, while at the same time offering impressive fuel efficiency.

You can visit Colony Ford Lincoln to learn more and even test drive the F-150, and right away you’ll feel why so many people love it. Whether you’re driving mostly for recreation or your work requires hauling power and storage capacity, you can count on the well-rounded F-150 to deliver the appropriate amount of power you need.

So Many Configurations

There isn’t actually only one truck called the F-150; so many people with different purposes love the truck so much that Ford made sure it could be customizable to suit all their needs. As a result, one person’s F-150 can be quite different from another person’s.

For example, on a basic level the XL 4 x 2 Regular Cab is smaller than the Platinum 4×4 SuperCrew Cab, but each can look quite different underneath the hood. There are no less than 40 different configurations of F-150, offering different options for design, engines, and add-ons.

While the underlying structure is the same, there are lots of choices for customization so you can choose whichever F-150 is right for you.


While trucks are often associated with qualities like grit and power, the F-150 is famous for its style and comfort. The legroom in the cab will surprise you. Many people say the cab is as pleasant to sit in as luxury sedans or SUVs. While Ford’s own promotional material paints trucks as hard-nosed and tireless workhorses, naturally comfort is important to the people who spend hours inside their truck every day.

They say that a good carpenter never blames his tools, but it could be because he makes sure to get the right tools! For many people who work in manual labour or need a rugged and dependable truck to tow or carry heavy loads, the right tool is an F-150. If there’s a reason why the F-150 became North America’s most popular truck, it’s that it’s able to get the job done, no matter what the job is.