How to Store your Precious Snowmobile in Summer Season

Snowmobile is a huge investment and you would never want to keep it in some place where it can be damaged. Though the sled is used only in winter, you need to have plans for proper storage for summer season. If you also have a sled and are looking for instruction for proper storage, here is a list for you.

  1. Clean it before storage

Being used in ice which sometimes is covered with salt and dirt, it is highly recommended to go with proper wash before storage. Use water warm enough to melt any left over ice and take away the dirt. Do not forget to use high pressure water under the hood of sledge. Since most of the dirt gets collected in unreachable parts, you should use water jets specifically in those areas.

  1. Properly clean the cover

You do not want to cover your motoneiges de marque ski-doo usagé with a cover that is dirty. Since the dirt from cover can damage your skid, make sure it is also washed before use. Apart from this also keep in mind you are not covering it while it’s still damp. Wait for the cover to be properly dry before using it.

  1. Cross check the storage space

Make sure the space where you are planning to store your vehicle is completely dry and any chances of it getting wet are also not there. It should also be a completely enclosed space with windows, if any, closed tightly. You do not want your sled to again get dirty with all the storms and dirty winds.

  1. Check the fuel

Do not think of completely running dry your skid before keeping it for storage. The engine relies on this fuel for its lubrication. Therefore, for its better functioning and to avoid any kind of dryness in engine, it is advisable to keep some fuel while storing.

  1. Lubricate the fitting properly

Even when you are going to do its proper service after taking it out but it is necessary to lubricate the fittings before storage.  Coat all the lubrication points properly to ensure that the parts are safe during storage.


Keep the storage area clean and free from rodents. Following these 5 simple tips will help you in making best storage conditions for your snowmobile.