Three Options to Get Bluetooth for your Car Audio

The technology used in designing and building modern vehicles has significantly changed. These days, you can find self-driving vehicles and electric vehicles. Older cars can be upgraded by integrating the latest convenience features. Thankfully, adding new technologies to these vehicles is easier and more affordable than investing in a new vehicle. Bluetooth technology is one of the major features that can be added to the car audio.

With Bluetooth technology, it becomes possible for two devices to communicate wirelessly. Contemporary car audio systems have Bluetooth functionality which allows streaming audio from a mobile device to the car’s stereo system. If you are looking to add this technology to your car audio, below are ways to get this functionality:

Invest in a Car-Specific Adapter

You will need a Bluetooth adapter that is specific to your car. You can get it from a car audio shop near me. This gadget creates a Bluetooth connection in the factory stereo of your vehicle. This is an ideal option for you if you prefer how your original car audio system looks and do not mind having additional wiring done. Usually, you can install this by removing the factory audio system, connect the cables of the adapter, and route a wired microphone within the head unit.  Often, caller information appears on the stereo system’s display.

Add a Universal Bluetooth Adapter

In case you do not want to pull cables apart, you need to install a universal Bluetooth add on to your car. Invest in universal Bluetooth kits that tend to work in nearly any vehicle. The kits usually come with a built-in speaker and microphone. With the speaker, you can wirelessly listen to music and make calls while the microphone lets you respond to calls handsfree. The majority of such kits can be mounted anywhere using a suction cup or tape.

Install an Aftermarket Audio Unit

If you cannot get a car-specific Bluetooth adapter or you don’t want to use universal kits, you can get Bluetooth for your car audio by adding an aftermarket audio unit that has Bluetooth functionalities. You will use this unit to replace the stereo head compartment of your car. This option is best for you if you want to add a Bluetooth-capable car music system with multiple functionalities. But, installing the unit is more complex the options above. Fortunately, most aftermarket stereos come with user-friendly installation guides. As long as you have the required tools and some patience, you can replace your older car audio system with a new one.